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     GOODMAN’s products, the Overseas Filipino Worker’s (OFW’s) are culled and short-listed from a pool of highly skilled, well trained and experienced workers and professionals in any given industry and specialty. The OFW’s are known to be dedicated, loyal, hardworking, highly trainable and reliable.

     GOODMAN’s short-listing and selection processes are done in a systematic, painstaking manner to ensure that only the right fit candidates are being presented for selection to a prospective client.

     GOODMAN’s vast database of qualified candidates ensures the availability of qualified applicants for any given industry and specialty.

      Over the years, the Philippines had created a niche in the International Labor Market by exporting highly qualified and reliable skilled and professional workers to various international destinations. For more than three decades now, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and European regions have been the recipient and destinations for Overseas Filipino Workers. GOODMAN, is not just one of the agencies that help facilitate the exportation of Filipino Workers to International Companies, it is one of the frontrunners in the International Placement Industry. Offering non-traditional recruitment services to its International Clients, GOODMAN goes beyond recruitment and sourcing of candidates. It’s comprehensive services are hinged behind no-nonsense sourcing strategies that reach the entire archipelago of the Philippines, through its nationwide networks. The sourcing strategy starts with an analysis of the specific needs of the international clients, focusing on clients’ business specialty and identifying local industries whose operations closely match the operations of the international hiring companies. May it be in the field of engineering, hospitality services, information technology, operations maintenance or any other fields, GOODMAN ensures that the hiring international clients get premium access to candidates who not only meet the minimum requirements, but are also experiences in performing exactly the same job functions that the hiring company is involved with.

      One of the problems besetting the international placement industry in the Philippines is the penchant to play the numbers game. Many recruitment agencies provide large numbers of applicants for final interview trying to impress their clients with the sheer number of applicants they can produce. Their clients, however, often find themselves loosing hours of time interviewing applicants that are not qualified for the job requested. With GOODMAN, prescreening starts prior to the final interview of clients, minimizing wasted time and effort.

      With GOODMAN, International Clients are assured that they will meet and interview candidates who are already considered pre-qualified.

      GOODMAN constantly assess and update to its database of applicants through constant manpower pooling and recruitment campaigns, thereby ensuring availability of qualified candidates for any industry at any given time.

      The current global nursing shortage of several countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific Regions has opened the door for Filipino nurses to deliver healthcare services to various healthcare facilities throughout the world. Recognizing this opportunity, GOODMAN, with its vast resources and networks has embarked on aggressive placement program designed to efficiently service the nursing needs of healthcare facilities in the global market. The placement services are not limited to the recruitment of nurses, but also cover the placement of other healthcare and medical allied positions (medical doctors, medical technologists, pharmacists, caregivers, etc.)

      GOODMAN has developed well-placed short-term and long-term programs that are designed to increase the efficiency in the placement of Filipino Nurses to any destination internationally, with particular focus to the USA.

The Middle East and Asia has been a major employer of Filipino workers for several decades now and GOODMAN, a reputable agency in the Philippines, touts a team of professionals who have over 20 years of collective experience in recruiting and placing workers to these international destinations.

      The GOODMAN TEAM takes pride of its extensive and diverse experience in providing the manpower requirements for the construction, Engineering, Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Retail Service Industries.

      The GOODMAN TEAM has deployed hundreds of workers in the Middle East and Asia including the following regions: United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Singapore, Australia and Guam.